Tattoo Zurich, Switzerland


At 2nd Skin, tattoos and body art are not just a passing fashion trend. They are a real art; a hand craft developed over thousands of years that our artists practice day-in and day-out with dedication and passion. Equipped with the most modern technology available, in absolutely sterile rooms, our mission is to provide our customers with these hand crafts, operating at the highest possible level.

Thanks to the experience of our artists, at 2nd Skin we can offer all tattoo styles. From portraits, through fantasy, biomechanical, Maori, and traditional, to custom tattoos and cover-ups, we can do it all.

The 2nd Skin databank includes a practically endless number of designs to choose from.

We are happy to consult and to advise regarding specific designs. The best is if you come by one of our shops with your idea and we’ll be happy to discuss it.

Tattoos in individuals 18 years of age and older, or with a parent’s or guardian’s signature.