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Cover up

by Resident Tattoo Artist George

Cover up – Covering tattoos
It may be that you have an old or low-quality tattoo with which you no longer identify or are no longer comfortable.

In such cases, a cover-up tattoo may be the solution.

Contrary to what one might think, cover-up tattoos require more time and attention than new tattoos, which is reflected in a generally higher cost.

What should be considered when choosing a cover-up tattoo motif?
Cover-up tattoos generally need to be larger and darker than the tattoo that is being covered. It’s not possible to simply replace one dark spot with another of the same size. The larger the cover-up tattoo, the more the space there is for inclusion of lighter areas.

Is it possible to cover dark tattoos with lighter ones?
Contrary to what is sometimes claimed, it is not possible to cover dark tattoos with lighter ones. It may look ok for the first few months, but eventually, the underlying tattoo becomes apparent under the cover-up – even if it is gone over many times with light color! There is a limit to how much old tattoos can be made lighter.

You can only use the same, similar or darker colors for cover-ups. This means that whatever was done in black needs to be covered with black. It’s also possible to mix colors to some extent: When green is covered with red, for example, the result is a brown shade. Red over blue gives a violet shade, and blue over yellow a green shade, etc. Cover-ups are rarely able to fulfil one’s exact wishes 100%; the possibilities are severely limited by the underlying tattoo. Accordingly, artists generally try to integrate the lines of the underlying tattoo into the lines of the cover-up, making it disappear within and meld with the new motif.

What motifs are best suited to cover-ups?
In general, any motifs that don’t require rigidly defined lines can be used for cover-ups. Animals, for example dragons, are well suited, with their heads, fur, feathers, scales, etc. being ideal for integrating and melding with underlying tattoo lines. Also well suited are plants, leaf forms and vines, or backgrounds such as water, clouds, etc.
It should be noted that tribals and large dark areas in general are difficult to cover-up.

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