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Wie die meisten von euch bereits wissen, verkörpert 2nd Skin nicht nur Tattoo & Piercing, sondern auch Lifestyle!! Neben dem Körperschmuck findest Du bei uns auch “Körperdekorationen”, die nicht nur unter die Haut gehen, sondern auch auf der Haut getragen werden können. Darunter zählen wir ‘Crystal Evolution’, ‘Bullets 4 Peace’, ‘Perfect Secret’ und die rockige Schmucklinie ‘Kinky Rocker’.

2nd Skin Jewelry


Our collection comprises a large selection of rings and earrings, colliers, and bracelets of stainless steel, 925 silver, and 925 silver rhodium. Our long experience in the jewelry business allows us to offer an excellent price value ratio and regularly surprise our customers with new styles that reflect the latest trends.

Bullets 4 Peace

Bullets 4 Peace are manufactured from recycled bullet cartridges. Instead of being used in war, these bullets are transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry in an expression of peace and tolerance. A portion of the proceeds are devoted to the support of various charities, under the motto “Every bullet has a target” – Bullets 4 Peace – reloading life!

Numerous stars including Justin Timberlake, Eva Longoria, Madonna, Snoop Dog and many more are ambassadors of Bullets 4 Peace – Jewelry for world peace!

A limited number of Bullets 4 Peace are available at 2nd Skin. Come by today if you want to be assured of acquiring one of these special pieces of jewelry, and make a statement in support of world peace.

Crystal Evolution

Crystal Evolution is the first brand to combine shiny, precisely-ground Swarovski crystals with body jewelry.

The spectrum of products includes glimmering earrings, eye-catching bracelets, extravagant necklaces, and beautiful rings.

Kinky Rocker

“Express yourself – Be Kinky!!” is our motto.
Accordingly, Kinky Rocker was created with those men and women in mind who know what they want.

Chains from Kinky Rocker are created from the finest materials:

Perfect Secret

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