My Tattoo

You think it – we ink it!!

The decision has been made. You want a tattoo. The following six points outline the next steps:

1. Consultation
During the consultation, it’s discussed in detail what you desire; where on your body, the size of the tattoo, and a first estimate of the duration of the treatment and of the price is provided.
If you have an example of what you want, you should bring it with you.

2. Creation of a drawing / down payment
If desired, our artists can design a tattoo for you based on your thoughts and ideas; in such cases, the design is destroyed after tattooing to ensure that it remains one-of-a-kind.
In order to confirm a tattoo artist for your design, a down payment is required; this generally varies from approximately 100 to 250 SFr, and is deducted from the total price at the time of final payment. Completing the design usually requires from one to six weeks, depending on size and complexity. As soon as it is completed, you will be contacted and can then view the design in person; during the viewing you have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements.

3. Preise
The minimum price of a tattoo is 150.- SFr.
Payment for tattoos completed in a single session is due at the conclusion of the session.
The hourly rate for larger pieces is 200.- SFr per hour.
Note that the preparation for a tattoo and the drawing of freehand tattoos are part of the work.

4. Appointment
Your appointment can be made during consultation at 2nd Skin and is conditional upon a down payment (approx. 100.- to 350.- SFr), which is of course reflected in the final bill.
If unable to make the appointment, notification is required at least 48 hours in advance.
In case of no-show or insufficient cancellation notice, the down payment will not be reflected in the final bill.

5. Tattoo care
Appropriate care for a new tattoo is highly important; incorrect or insufficient care can be detrimental to the healing process, which adversely affects the final quality.
Our tattoo care recommendations are available here as a PDF-Download.

6. Touch-ups
If you have a tattoo that requires touch-up work, we ask that you contact us to make an appointment to come to 2nd Skin. It’s important for an artist to get a first-hand view of the tattoo to be able to estimate the amount of time they’ll need.
Touch-ups are best done no earlier than 4 to 6 weeks after the initial work. The service is included in the price of the tattoo if done within 6 months.
We’re happy to answer all of your questions at 2nd Skin!!