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2nd Skin Ear piercing – Ear piercing for children

Ear piercing is a matter of trust, and we remember where our first ear piercing occurs.

Ear piercing is permanent; all responsible parents should inform themselves well about a piercing establishment and the level of experience of the personnel before deciding to have a piercing done. Experience is the most important factor contributing to the safety and comfort that are so important with children.

2nd Skin will make your child shine, and our services are performed according to all relevant laws and regulations. This is reflected in our hygienic tattoo and piercing certification for Swiss establishments.

At what age can my child get their ears pierced?
After confirmation with various pediatricians, we recommend an age of at least 6 months for ear piercing.

Naturally, the first earrings can also be placed by us. After disinfection of the lobes and marking of the position of the piercings by our qualified personnel, we pierce both earlobes simultaneously, the most pleasant option for children.

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